We are Tree Huggers in the most literal sense! And we are proud to offer you products you'll feel good about purchasing. Every product we offer has been thoroughly researched by our team in order to assure its sustainability and environmental-friendliness. We search all over West Michigan to bring you the very best in recycled, organic, locally made and fairly traded goods. In addition to our merchandise, Tree Huggers offers recycling to the public (with a complete list you can find here), in-home or business consultations, workshops and many more services that make us so much more than just another retail store.

You have the will and we'll help show you the way!


A birthday of thanks

When I opened this little shop 3 years ago, I had no idea how it would change my life. The people I would meet, the changes in peoples lives I would create. The changes in my life. Sitting in this


Happy 3rd Birthday Treehuggers and exciting announcement

Treehuggers turns 3 3 years ago today I opened the doors of treehuggers having no idea what to expect. I knew only one thing and that was that I wanted to spend my days making the World a better place.


Things you think you can recycle with the city but can’t

The cities recycling stream can be pretty confusing and we are often asked questions about what the city can and cannot take. Part of being a good recycler is to learn the list and put only in your bin what